Paintings           Statement

One Person Exhibitions

2014 Paris to Portland, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2008 Trish Nickell, The Paris Years, Chez Grace, Paris, France.
2007 Trish Nickell, Peintures, 3F Gallerie, Paris, France.
2003 Reflections on France, WICE ArtSpace, Paris, France.
2003 Recent Paintings, The Atelier A2 Gallery, Paris, France.
2002 Trish Nickell, Galerie Philippe Fregnac, Paris, France.
1997 Above Ground, New Work, Banks Fine Art, Dallas, Texas.
1996 New Paintings, Marie Park Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1995 Recent Work, Banks Fine Art, Dallas, Texas.
1994 Recent Work, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
1992 Paintings, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.
1990 Trish Nickell, Works on Paper, Clifford Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1990 New Paintings, Banks Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas.
1989 Young Dallas Talent, Adelle M Gallery, Dallas, Texas
1988 The Cause of Suburbanitis, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1988 Views and Reviews, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Connection Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Group Exhibitions

Member Art Show, Multnomah Athletic Club,  Portland, Oregon.

Selections from the Legendary Collection of  Sonny Burt and Bob Butler, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
North Coast Seed Studios Open House, Portland, Oregon
2012 Avoir un don, Concordia University, Portland, Oregon.
2011 Fresh and Salty, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Ft. Worth, Texas.
2010 Member Art Show, Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Oregon.

Shorelines, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2009 Summer Survey, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2008 Your Favorite Artist was a Member, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2007 Americans in Paris, Honfleur Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Away from Home, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Vision de l'art actuel, Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France.
2004 Selection from the Barrett Collection of Texas Art, The Grace Museum, Abilene, Texas.
1993 The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York, New York.

Small Treasures, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1992 33rd Annual Invitational, Longview Art Museum, Longview, Texas.

Next Best Show, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.

Tempus Fugit, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Block Print Invitational, Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1991 Small Works, Edith Baker Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Time is Relative, Beverly Gordon Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Expanding Visions, Dallas City Hall, Dallas, Texas.

Gray Matters @ Gray Matters, Gray Matters, Dallas, Texas.

A Question of Private Boundaries, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1990 Southwest Regional Exhibition, Trammell Crow Center, Dallas, Texas.

Season Preview, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

15 From 500, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1989 A View of the Figure, Adelle M Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

Five State Art Exhibition, Port Arthur, Texas.

A Family of Artists, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

TVAA 16th Annual Spring Exhibition, Dallas, Texas.

Gallery Affiliations

Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France.
A2 Gallery, Paris, France.


1988 MFA, University of Dallas, Irving, Texas.